Roll of Honour

The Rivoli Cup

The Rivoli Cup was introduced by Richard and Eileen Steer and named after their boat ‘Rivoli’). It is presented, annually, to a member or members of the Club for “Boating Endeavour” – a boating achievement or special merit within the Club.

Nominations for the Rivoli Cup should be forwarded to No1 four weeks before the AGM. The Management Committee will choose the winner.

1999/2000 — Bryan House
2000/2001 — Robert and Pat Coles
2001/2002 — Ian Tanner (Posthumously)
2002/2003 — Peter (Andy) Adams
2003/2004 — John Richardson
2004/2005 — Pauline Ellcock
2005/2006 — Hazel Yates Jones
2006/2007 — Steve Gobey
2007/2008 — Jackie Tanner
2008/2009 — Robin Watt
2009/2010 — John Richardson
2010/2011 — Jackie Tanner
2011/2012 — Robin Watt
2012/2013 — Peter (Andy) Adams (Posthumously)
2013/2014 — Sandra Fry
2014/2015 — Liz Kemp
2015/2016 — Mark and Caroline Shutler

The Club Challenge
The Challenge to travel from Bradford on Avon to a chosen destination was introduced by Richard and Eileen Steer in 1999 when they chose Ripon as the destination. Subsequent destinations are set by the winner of the previous year’s Challenge and the Trophy is only won outright by reaching the chosen destination. In the absence of any member reaching the chosen destination it is awarded to the person who has travelled furthest in the year,

1999 — Maurice and Pauline Pullin were the first winners, not reaching xxxxxxxiRipon but travelling furthest that year
2000 — Hazel Yates-Jones travelled the furthest of any club member
2001 — Won outright by Maurice and Pauline Pullin who made it to Ripon
2002 — Richard and Victoria reached and used the Anderton Lift
2003 — Mike Hunter visited Jesus Lock
2004 — Hazel Yates-Jones won by completing the Llangollen Canal xxxxxxxiPontcysylite Aqueduct Challenge
2005 — Mervin and Marlene Moore won the Blisworth Tunnel Challenge
2006 — George completed the Wigan Pier Challenge.
2013 — The Olympic Challenge was won outright by David Lee.

The Best Boat Log

xxxxx —iBarbera and Malcolm Childs.

2013 — Christine Watt